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No. 8 - ALL MANUALLY SOURCED - $199/month or 11% off for a 3 Month Subscription - 33 Members ONLY! 🏀Online Arbitrage Daily Shots -- Daily OA Leads to Your Inbox! 💻

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🎥Please be sure to check out this video: 🎥

What is an Online Arbitrage Leads List?

Many spend $99+ per month on sourcing software plus $600+ on a virtual assistant to source for them -- that is $700+ per month simply on finding leads! Here we have found the leads for you for $199/month! And, to top it off, our leads are fully vetted (as per the details below) so we save you TIME having to verify each lead is actually a good buy for Amazon. Note: you will still need to make sure the leads are acceptable to you, but we do have a very strict sourcing criteria and use US-based Amazon sellers skilled in Keepa, etc to vet these leads. 

💰 What is Manual Online Arbitrage? 💰

Like we stated above, we do not use software like Tactical Arbitrage, etc. Instead, we have hired and trained individuals to source the leads for us using our proprietary methods. What does this mean for you? Better leads with less competition at maximum NET profit and NET ROI! 

❓ What is the difference between No. 8 & No. 23 & No. 34❓

The only difference is that No. 8 & No. 23 lists are offered to 33 subscribers and No. 34 is offered to ONLY 25 subscribers. Fewer subscribers means LESS COMPETITION on the products & MORE SALES for YOU!

We mix up the leads for each of the subscriptions and have the same sourcing criteria for each! EACH LIST HAS ITS OWN LEADS -- WE DO NOT SHARE LEADS AMONG THE LISTS.

Can New Sellers Benefit from this List?

Absolutely! While we (nor anyone) can tell you if you can sell any or most of the leads from this list, we source ALL categories that ACCEPT NEW SELLERS except THOSE CATEGORIES LISTED BELOW. Please keep in mind that EVERYONE is GATED and UNGATED in different categories and/or brands. Hence, NO ONE can tell you IF you can sell items from a list and of course the categories on the list VARY day to day.

Over the past several weeks my team & I have been perfecting a daily online arbitrage leads list. This list will include everything you see mentioned here.

This list is personally vetted by myself and members of my team who are US based, skilled in Keepa, and Amazon sellers ourselves. We know what GREAT leads are and we know what NOT SO GREAT leads are -- we strive to ONLY bring you the GREATEST!

All leads in this list account for the following meaning net profit & ROI are based AFTER accounting for these fees (what other lists does that?!):

  • $1.00 prep fee for FBA items
  • $0.70 prep fee for FBM items (in case you use a prep center)
  • 6% Sales Tax
  • $0.50/lb In-Bound Shipping Fee to Amazon's Fulfillment Center
  • 3 Months of Amazon's Storage Fees 


  • ALL leads manually sourced via proprietary and authentic methods not found anywhere else
  • $199/month -- get a 11% off discount if you subscribe for 3 months
  • all leads are checked with Keepa (paid version) & Helium10 and we make sure the pricing and sales history are consistent (i.e. sourcing more replenishable items for you)
  • We focus upon items that others CANNOT find -- items currently OUT OF STOCK on Amazon to give you MAXIMUM competitiveness on the Amazon marketplace
  • Limited to 33 Team Members (i.e. subscribers) Per List
  • Monday through Friday to Your Inbox by Noon CST
  • Minimum of 50 leads per week (200 per month)
  • Minimum 33% Net ROI (unless an item has a net profit of >$5 minimum 25% ROI)
  • Minimum $4 Net Profit (unless an item has an exceptional ROI)
  • Minimum of 15-20 Sales Per Month According to Keepa & Helium10
    • No items where Amazon is currently on the listing or has been on the listing more than 20% of the time within the past 90 days (unless an exceptional profit/ROI/sales volume exists)
    • All leads vetted with ASIN Zen/AZ Insight Chrome extension which verifies IP claims & updates regularly.
  • BONUS: a private, exclusive members-only Facebook group with personalized training videos

🎥Please be sure to check out this video:🎥

What is an online arbitrage leads list? 

Terms & Conditions of Purchase:  only one list per Amazon seller account. We have a tight honor system. If you are caught violating this honor system you will be banned from the team (i.e. subscribing to the list & possibly all future digital subscription products) and legal action may be taken. No refunds will be given due to the nature of this product. Unauthorized redistribution of this product is not permitted. All rights reserved. The unauthorized copying, sharing or distribution of copyrighted material is strictly prohibited. It is a violation of federal law & the Copyright Act. Eat Sleep Amazon, LLC makes not guarantees of anything and is not held liable for anything. Any questions, you can reach us at: support@eatsleepamazon.com

Please note:  THIS IS A RECURRING SUBSCRIPTION. YOU WILL HAVE TO MANUALLY UNSUBSCRIBE/CANCEL THE SUBSCRIPTION 48 HOURS BEFORE THE SUBSCRIPTION RENEWS. YOU WILL ALSO HAVE TO REMAIN "ACTIVE" to the emails in order to receive the leads. Should you "cancel" receiving emails, you will not get the leads. You will need to contact support@gumroad.com in order to let them assist you with re-subscribe to receiving emails from me. We cannot provide you with past leads that you missed because you unsubscribed from the email list.

Note: No refunds, no exceptions. Unauthorized redistribution of this product is not permitted. All rights reserved. The unauthorized copying, sharing or distribution of copyrighted material is strictly prohibited. It is a violation of federal law & the Copyright Act. For any questions, you can reach us at: support@eatsleepamazon.com. This product, its website, & Eat Sleep Amazon, LLC is not a part of the Amazon website or Amazon.com Inc. Additionally, this product, its website, & Eat Sleep Amazon, LLC is NOT endorsed by Amazon in any way. AMAZON is a trademark of AMAZON.COM, Inc.


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